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Capitalise on greater market share or exploit new untapped markets
When we invest, we look to generate a positive impact over the company's development
B.I.G's turnaround time for decision making cannot be matched in the funding marketplace
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About B.I.G

We have a strong passion for both early stage start up companies who need an investment boost and entrepreneurial companies looking to expand in order to capitalise on greater market share or exploit new untapped markets within domestic or international fields.   B.I.G backs entrepreneurs and teams as well as business plans. We have a deep understanding of the needs required to fulfil the pathway to a successful start up or early stage company.

B.I.G runs two investment funds for companies with investment needs

B.I.G: Start Up Fund
B.I.G: Accelerator Fund
  B.I.G was born out of entrepreneurial ventures and therefore we do not restrict ourselves to operating or investing within set business sectors. B.I.G welcomes opportunities to invest across multiple sectors.

B.I.G is market leading in our speed to make an equity investment decision and also has the unique ability to provide investment support across all business functions if required.
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